Pivo, Halbrech, Martin & Wilson, LLP


Business Litigation

Business litigation is an integral part of all litigation at Pivo, Halbreich, Martin & Wilson, LLP. Our Partners have successfully represented hundreds of businesses and individuals in business litigation matters, including:

  • Construction Law
  • Employment
  • Railroad Law
  • Breach of Contract
  • Trade Secrets
  • Environmental Law
  • Real Estate Law

At Pivo, Halbreich, Martin & Wilson, LLP we recognize that litigation can be very expensive for businesses. Thus, our focus is on avoidance of the legal pitfalls that make day-to-day business risky, even for the most careful manager or entrepreneur. From our extensive experience in the courtroom “trenches,” we have seen firsthand what can happen from using certain language in a contract; or from a particular business practice. We know what gets a business into a courtroom and that knowledge helps us to help you stay out of a courtroom. We also offer Mediation Services that bring our vast experience as negotiators to bear in resolving parties’ disputes in mediations.

 When a matter goes to litigation, we work with our clients to keep costs under control. Our relatively small size, partner involvement, and experience in preparing budgets and sticking to them, provide business owners with the tools to assess whether litigation is an economically feasible route. If it is, we estimate how much it will cost, and help our client to budget accordingly. We maintain regular communication with our clients in order to ensure that we provide excellent service at a reasonable and foreseeable cost.

  • BREACH OF CONTRACT – We have litigated contract cases involving numerous areas of business – Internet companies, professional services, real estate (residential and commercial), defense contracting, restaurants, and the nuclear industry.
  • PARTNERSHIP DISPUTES – We have represented general and limited partnerships, investment trusts, and law firms.
  • ENVIRONMENTAL LAW – We have litigated cases involving toxic exposure and materials in connection with the B-1 bomber and Space Shuttle programs, as well as matters involving hazardous waste, land subsidence and the waste disposal industry.
  • TRADE SECRETS – We have defended litigation involving alleged theft of trade secrets and patent infringement related to the design of satellite technology and weapons tracking systems employed in the defense industry. We have drafted numerous protective orders in which clients’ design documents and financial information have been protected, including documents related to the automobile and railroad industries.
  • CORPORATE DIRECTOR AND OFFICER FIDUCIARY DUTY – The firm has defended officers and directors of corporations in a wide variety of industries, including hazardous waste disposal, land development, real estate, and the automobile industry.
  • COMMERCIAL PAPER – We have litigated cases involving in-depth financial statements, UCC-1 filings, Federal Motor Carrier Safety Regulations, as well as SEC documents filed in connection with public offerings.
  • REAL ESTATE LAW- LITIGATION – We have represented brokers, builders, shopping mall owners and REITs in cases involving:
  • Construction defects
  • Commercial lease disputes at premier Southern California shopping malls
  • Claims by homeowners involving water damage and grading issues in housing developments
  • Real estate contract disputes and actions for specific performance involving real property